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Weitz & Luxenberg (W&L) is one of the leading plaintiffs' litigation law firms in America. The firm has played leading roles in national and local litigations involving mesothelioma and asbestos, as well as defective medicines and medical devices, general negligence and medical malpractice. In addition, W&L is a forerunner in the legal fight against polluters. Weitz & Luxenberg clients have been the victims of vapor intrusion, tainted water, and noxious odors and toxic emissions from landfills, among other acts of negligence. We offer attorneys, paralegals and support professionals an environment that has attracted some of the legal world’s most dynamic and innovative talent.

Those employees, in turn, have built the company’s well-deserved reputation for exceeding clients’ expectations in verdicts and settlements. If you have world-class skills, your next job could be with us.

About The Firm

A nationally recognized mass tort and personal injury law firm, Weitz & Luxenberg is committed to helping clients. Our firm continues to set an unmatched standard of excellence. In just over 20 years, we have collected more than $1.3 billion for plaintiffs.